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Theme: ‘Enhancing Unity and Solidarity Through Dialogue For Sustainable Development’

The theme of the 15th Summit is informed by the strategic vision and aspiration of The Gambia once it assumes the three-year chairmanship of the organization after the summit. It is in line with our goal of strongly advocating for unity in the pursuit of the extant goals of the OIC Charter as well as safeguarding the socioeconomic and political interests of the ummah. Dialogue in resolving differences and cooperating in pursuit of shared goals is the only way to guarantee sustainable human development and prosperity for all.


The logo is an acknowledgement of the country’s difficult past under the previous administration as well as our renewed hope and strive for justice and prosperity in the new Gambia under the leadership of President Adama Barrow. There cannot be any better artefact to symbolic that picture that The Never Again monument in Banjul. Although built in commemoration of the unconstitutional change of government in 1994, President Adama Barrow renamed and repurposed the edifice in honour of the victims of years of repression and human rights violation. The Never Again monument which is situated right at the entrance of the capital city of Banjul is one of the most recognized landmark structures in the country.


Additionally, the weaving of the stripes in our national colours into the logo of the OIC illustrates our commitment as a country to the values and objectives of the OIC. We hope the logo will inspire the world to continue to stand up for justice for all people of the world from Palestine to Myanmar.